Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 1

Went on my diet today. Life has no meaning.

 Also, I received the first part of my workout today from my Phi psi brother who is on the rugby team. Today will consist of an upper body workout which looks to be killer, i'm excited. To all those who are following me, you are the best. I will call you the elite, swag it up elites.

Analysis of Day 1 before the workout: I feel so out of shape, my belly feels fat, my arms feel thin, and I can not wait to rip my body apart with this workout.

FINALLY, I will also be tweeting about this entire ordeal as well. So if you want, you can follow me @CalebLivesay2


  1. First of all the title is offensive, but I digress you are to negative a workout is a great thing and will help you feel better and look better.

  2. I will change the name of the blog. thank you for your honesty and making me a better person. I appreciate all that you are doing.