Thursday, March 15, 2012

Live Ever

So, upon returning on campus, i returned to the routine I had the previous week. Yesterday was arms and it was sweet Euphoria to get in there and start getting ripped. The diet is going great as well. I bought creatine to help with the recovery/muscle gain after workouts and it is great. I lifted tonight as well because I feel my muscles weren't adequately tested enough. I love getting fit. Just to work on abs more, so i can have the ideal bod.


ok, so over spring break, i always had flings with foods that weren't on my diet. Nothing long term or emotionally attached, just mindless hookups with cheeseburgers and soda. Though, for the most part, I stayed true to the diet. My workout however was throw off due to the lack of workout machines at my house. BUT, i did join in with my parents on there 90 day workout regime and let me tell you. It was rough, like i had to stop on one of the exercises because it was very physically demanding.  was upstages by my mom and dad. I would routinely go to my basement and use the machines we have, though it was no substitute for the rec center here on campus. That was basically my workout for spring break.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


So today was the upper body workout again. The pecks are starting to look good, abs are still a little rocky and i'm kinda still trying to find the adequate weight to lift during bicep curls and other bicep targeted workouts. The diet is back on track, still eating healthy and giving my body only the necessities, and yes, I am still alive inside. Barely. But all in all, this workout is going great and I feel great.

Thanks again to everyone who is following this blog, you are the best.